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Our online application process should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete. We'll need some important information from you, so to make the process as quick as possible you may want to have some things ready before you start:

  • A photo of yourself (selfies are fine)
  • A photo of your identification (it can be the copy of your Driver’s License, Passport, 18+ Card with Birth Certificate)
  • A pdf file of your recent one month bank statement
  • Call us on 0800 100 277 to do telephonic application.

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Upload your recent 1 month bank statement

We need a copy of your recent 1 month bank statement to verify your income (Max. Size 10MB)

Privacy Act Authorisation

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 and Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004

I/We :

    1. Warrant that the information provided in this application is true and correct;
    2. Are not known by any other name other than the name or names declared.
    3. Are not less than 18 years of age.
    4. Confirm that I am not an un-discharged bankrupt and have never made application to the Official Assignee for a “No Asset Procedure” form of bankruptcy
  1. Authorise WiseDeal or related third party finance companies to use the information provided to access Veda Advantage’s and/or other credit reporting services and undertake a credit check on me/us (both now and in the future). This may include using monitoring services.
  2. Understand that Veda Advantage and/or other credit services will provide information about me/us and all information held by those credit agencies on their systems will be used to provide future credit reports to their respective customers who also use the particular credit reporting service. This may include updates if any of the information held changes.
  3. Irrevocably authorise WiseDeal or third party finance companies to contact the following people or organisations, and seek from them such personal, financial and commercial information as WiseDeal or related third party finance companies deems necessary relating to this Loan Application, the administration of any loans, and any ongoing debt recovery:
    1. any other finance providers, or bank/s with which I/we have dealings with, or appear to have had previous dealings;
    2. any government departments where that is directly material to my financial position;
    3. any budget advisors I have used or use;
    4. past or present landlords;
    5. Collections agencies;
    6. relatives and referees, or other contacts that I have listed and any other person or organisation about which I have provided information to WiseDeal or third party finance companies in the process of making this Loan Application.
  4. Agree that where I/we have requested Insurance cover through or financed by WiseDeal or third party finance companies, this application constitutes all or part of the proposal for such insurance and such personal information may be disclosed to Protecta Insurance New Zealand Limited or other insurer as is necessary to enable those companies to consider that request or process any claims or enquires now and in the future.
  5. Authorise WiseDeal or third party finance companies to contact NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to access my/our Drivers Licence record using the NZTA’s Driver Check Service with the Drivers Licence details I/we have provided.
  6. Understand and agree that the information on this form may be exchanged with other credit providers or other third parties to assist with the recovery of my debts.
  7. Understand and agree that the information on this form may be exchanged with any Insurance Companies or other third parties to assist with processing of Insurance claims.
  8. Am aware that, pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993, I am entitled to have access to and request correction of personal information held about me.
  9. Understand that I am entitled to receive a copy of any information that WiseDeal or third party finance companies may receive from third parties about me, and any information that WiseDeal or related finance companies may provide to third parties about me.
  10. Acknowledge that this application will form part of any agreement I/we may hereafter enter into with WiseDeal or third party finance companies and that the authorisation set out above will be deemed to be incorporated into that agreement.
  11. Acknowledge in agreeing to this Privacy Act Authorisation it shall operate as an authority to each source (Agencies, people, organizations) to provide any information about me/us which WiseDeal or third party finance companies may require in connection with this application or any such agreement.

If you want to download and print out a copy of this waiver you can find it at Privacy-Act-Authorisation.pdf
I have read and understood the Disclosure Statement & Privacy Waiver
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